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WATCH: Taylor Swift - 'Begin Again'

WATCH: Taylor Swift - 'Begin Again'

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After the one-shot gimmickiness—quite effective gimmickiness, mind you—it’s not surprising that Taylor should go more low key for her second Red visual, the music video for her gorgeous ballad (and 19th-best song, according to some) “Begin Again.”

The clip features Taylor strolling around the Parisienne landscape, chilling by the water and on a rooftop with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and cruising around on a bike like we saw her doing a couple weeks ago. And of course, by Wednesday, she’s got to get to that café to meet the guy who makes it all begin again for her.

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Taylor recently sat down with Ryan Seacrest for her 'Red' album launch party. Find out what the country/pop singer had to say about the making of her new album:


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